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Robin E. Crozier


In a community terrorized by a brutal serial killer, a young married couple, settle into their new life together, oblivious to the growing number of murders of young women in the area. Deeply in love, the pair share a warm and unique relationship filled with humour and affection.  Frank the husband becomes preoccupied with work keeping him at the office night and day, and unaware of his beautiful new wife's mounting problems and fears, as she is being stalked by a strange man.


Suddenly, Maggie disappears. There's no trace of her, no sign of a struggle. Assuming the worst, Frank blames himself for neglecting her. Desperate, he turns to Larry and Maggie's sister, as well as her friends and colleagues, for help. Frank grows increasingly frantic, constantly harassing the police, confronting and challenging Detective Forbes in charge of the investigation, endearing himself to no one.


Unlike the other serial killer cases being investigated by Forbes, Maggie's body is never found. Instead, information gradually surfaces which indicates there was much about Maggie and her past of which Frank was never aware.


Meanwhile, Maggie is held captive in a small windowless basement room, terrified and mentally tortured by the psychopath who now controls her life, her every movement. She has lost hope, weakened by drugs and lack of nourishment. In one last attempt she summons all her remaining strength, Maggie seizes control of the situation and risks everything in a daring attempt to regain her freedom and return to those she loves.    

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