Allen Kool


Robin E. Crozier

Director of Photography

Jason Lupish

Production Manager/AD

Yaz Lacporia

Executive Producer

Michael A. Charbon

Post Production Supervisor/Editor

Andrew C. Brown

Music Producer/Sound Designer

Hayward Parrott

Music Composer

Flora Cheng

Associate Producer

Yaseen Lachporia

Script Supervisor

Ro Sullivan


Casting Director

Molly Knight   CSA,   CDC

Production Coordinator

Fern Pridham

Camera Operators

Declan Rintoul

Jason Lupish

Nicholas Murray



Nicholas Murray

Special Effects Co-ordinator

James Sled

Special VFX Artist

Allen Saulnier

Location Manager

Taylor Jordan


Patrick Gagliardy

Paul Fedj

Consulting Stunt Co-ordinator

Dwane McClean

Sound Recording

Paolo Di  Teodoro

Boom Operator

Amy Siyao Guo

Assistant Director

Yaseen Lachporia

Drone Pilot/Camera 

Greg Hunter

Assistant Done Pilot

Dyllen Kool

2nd Assistant Director

Beata Arkulinska

3rd Assistant Director

Damian Gorka

Camera Assistant/DIT

Declan Rintoul

Field Sound FX Recordist

Nick Donati

Clapper/Focus pullers

Logan Bissell

Declan Rintoul

Property Master

Jeff Palmer

Assistant Property

Hayden Tait

Set Construction

Jeff Palmer

Hayden Tait

Violet Goens

Owen Lewis

Construction Supervisors

Owen Lewis

Michael A. Charbon

Head Carpenter

Jeff Palmer

Set Painters

Terri Thomson

Joanne Reinhart

Sheri LeBlanc

Howard Reinhart

Violet Goens

Robin Kool

Owen Lewis

Assistant Editor

Matt Bond


The Town & Country Cheese Shoppe


St. Marys Golf Course

Bruce & Nancy White

Chris Campbell

Head Talent Driver

John Thomson


Gabrielle Martin

Sara Case

Key Hair

Sheri LeBlanc

Special Effects Make-Up

Desiree Van De Laar

Brian Rowe


Brenda Mokren

Production Assistants

Coedy Haynes

Dyllen Kool

Thomas Kooy

Campbell Bullen

Jacob Borges

Hayden Tait

Andrew Bee

Taylor Jordan

Evan Lyons

Still Photographers

Julie Phillips

Lori -Ann Franklin

Legal Consultant

Martyn Krys

Law Enforcement Consultant

Ken McCulla

Graphic Illustrator

Violet Goens

Head Pyrotechnician

James Sled

Kristy Hollidge

Key Wardrobe 

Robin Kool


Wardrobe Assistant

Lorna Parkinson

Production Accountant

Jeff Kulbak

Craft Service

Bruce White

Nancy White